Helags  Husky  stops

We are planning the exit. We will stop with guided husky tours in three years.

We have decided to get out of the tourism business.

This decision was not easy for us, because unfortunately we have perhaps to part from some dogs. There are many various reasons to quit the business:

We currently have to expand our dog stock with young dogs, and since age is knocking at our door, this would mean a bond until old age.

The negative development of our village Ljungdalen/Storsjö due to demographic change, the lack of local infrastructure and the conflict between ecotourism and environmental consumption of the existing tourism plays a further decisive role as well.

The necessary representations in social media and the associated " display of one's own life " prevents us from taking this step into the digital future.

Furthermore, the effects of climate change in our region cannot be predicted.


Further information will follow

Currently  no  dogs  or  equipment  for  sale